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gour-mand (noun): one who is excessively fond of eating and drinking


Hello and welcome to Happy Valley Chow. My name is Eric Pepple and I'd like to take this time to give you an idea of who I am. I am a Penn State Alumni with degrees in Hospitality Management and Saxophone Performance. I have a huge passion for both music and cooking, which is a great combination! 

After graduating from Penn State my wife and I relocated to Fort Wayne, IN (You can take the man out of Happy Valley, but you can't take the Happy Valley out of the man!). Since moving here in 2014 we have been super busy checking things off our list. We both have great jobs, me a Territory Manager for US Foods, my wife is a 5th grade school teacher. We got our first dog, a very loving Italian Greyhound named Dexter. We bought our very first home. Then last, but certainly not least, we had two wonderful little boys Adam in 2016 and Owen in 2019. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful life that we built together!

Check out the jazz band I played with in college...I was a little bigger back then :)


I also come from a very large, loud and amazing Italian Family. We have always cooked way to much food for every occasion, which probably sparked my interest in food and cooking. My Grandparents have always been a huge inspiration to me. They have been married 60+ years and had one of the strongest relationships I have ever seen. Some of my fondest memories growing up was visiting them over the summer, Grandma making sure I NEVER went hungry and Grandpa teaching me how to golf. 

I am also the immature Uncle of two the coolest little kids ever, my nephew Jacob and my niece Amelia. I have so much fun with these kids and while I don't get to hang out with them as much as I used to, we definitely make the most out of our visits. They are also the two BEST cousins in the world and Adam loves spending time with them as well!

Amelia, Adam, and Jacob

Amelia, Adam, and Jacob

What's coming next is probably pretty obvious, judging by the pictures below. I am a die hard fan of Pittsburgh sports teams...a complete obsession. My wife will be the first to tell you that I watch the games from our couch with probably a little to much passion, particularly while watching the Penguins (Loud clapping, screaming, the occasion potty mouth, and Facebook trash talking). But, how could you not get excited about the 6x Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, 4x Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Bucco's who have finally got back to their winning ways!

One of my biggest claims to fame was being the head chef for THE BEST....I say again THE BEST tailgate! The Nittany Tailgating Association. In our heyday we averaged about 100 guests per game, we had 5 car port tents (you know the big collapsible tents you can park cars under...yeah 5 of them, I had 2 - 5' x 2' party grills, 3 signature adult beverages (The Release Valve, WooWoo, and Lionaide), and we had a 42" flat screen with DirecTV...all the bells and whistles. During the 2011/12 Football season we were nominated as the Best Overall Tailgate, so we were quite legit. Now-a-days the NTA still gets together for tailgates, but with the original generation getting older and the second generation having kids and/or moving away, it's not quite the same. But, we had some amazing memories come from it that included custom 6' monster sandwiches, 8 person beer bongs, Radio & TV interviews, prestigious awards, and best of all...life long friendships.  

There isn't to much more to me, besides golfing whenever I can afford it and playing PS3 when I have time (PSN: pennstater0315). Other than that, I love my life and sharing my passion through this little web space. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to follow HVC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest

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